Thursday, December 8, 2016

Work From Home as a Content Analyst for Bazaarvoice (Austin, TX metro area)


Bazaavoice is currently hiring Remote Content Analysts (Moderation Specialists)

Content Analysts review and screen user generated content for suitability based upon specific guidelines. Overall, Content Analysts ensure that quality and authentic content and feedback is posted on their clients' websites. For instance, content may include reviews written by customers (such as product reviews, or reviews about a personal experience at a particular place of business), questions about proudutcs or services, or general comments.

All new Content Analysts participate in a three-week paid training program. Once the training is complete, Content Analysts must commit to working 20 set hours each week. These 20 hours are set and will not change from week to week. Also, 8 of those 20 scheduled hours must fall between Friday at 4:00 p.m. CST and Sunday at Midnight CST. In addition, you are allowed to work an additional 9 hours during the week (at anytime) for a total of 29 hours maximum each week. 

"We are looking for candidates who can commit to a successful completion of the training program, and who are able to integrate a part-time weekly work commitment seamlessly into their lifestyle."

Skills and Experience Necessary for the Role (quoted directly from the job posting on the company's website)

  • Bachelor’s degree OR Associate's degree in a technology disipline, required
  • Authorization to work in the United States, and must reside in the greater Austin metro area
  • Possess computer with up-to-date software and Chrome

Basic Skills:
  • Proficiency with e-mail applications, online messaging services and forums, and Web applications, including Chrome
  • Proficiency with Office applications, including Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Exceptional communication skills

FYI - I have personally worked as a Content Analyst for Bazaarvoice, and I can vouch for this company and say they are legitimate. It is a very good job if you enjoying reading (because you will read and review a lot of content throughout your shift). Overall, I did enjoy working in this position.

To learn more about this work from home position, click the link below:

Remote Content Analyst Position - Apply Now

Good luck!