Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Work From Home as an Ads Quality Rater For ZeroChaos

ZeroChaos is currently hiring Ads Quality Raters to review advertisements that appear online with search results and on websites. Basically, you will view a variety of ads, and then provide your feedback and analysis using an established rating system. According to the job posting, ZeroChaos has 1,200 openings for this work from home position.  

This is a part-time employee position with flexible hours. The rate of pay is $15/hr, and employees are paid weekly via direct deposit. This is a completely remote position, and all job duties are performed from home.

About the company:

"ZeroChaos is a global provider of workforce management solutions that help organizations achieve greater management and financial control of their workforce and talent supply chains." (quoted directly from the job posting)

FYI - I have personally worked for this company (on 3 different projects), and ZeroChaos is definitely a legitimate company!

For more information about this work from home position, click the link below:

Ads Quality Rater Position - Apply Here